Chalatenango El Salvador


SOJO Coffee is proud to offer a very fine regional select Chalatenango El Salvador coffee!  

Coffee Notes:

"Very chocolatey with cocoa, caramelized sugar and mild cherry flavor; sweet with tangy acidity and a smooth mouthfeel."


The remote area of Chalatenango, El Salvador, is a region of small coffee farms (most of them smaller than 1 or 2 hectares), the climate and varieties as well as the processing methods and extreme attention to detail during the growing season produce extremely unique coffees, making this offering extra special. The farmers of Chalatenango form a close community group, and are proud of their abilities to offer the world some of the most interesting and deeply flavored coffees on the market today.  The Chalatenango area lies within the Alotepec-Metapán coffee growing region in northeast and north-central El Salvador, a series of often hard-to-access volcanic mountain ranges. One of the highest growing regions in the country, most coffees are SHB--Strictly Hard Bean, a designation given to beans grown above 1400 MASL.

SOJO has worked hard developing and preparing the perfect roast for your enjoyment, we are certain this is one you will add to your list of favorites!  This is a limited special offering, order yours while our supply lasts!

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