Columbia Single-Origin


Our Columbian Excelso French roasted beans have a full, robust body delivering the inherent qualities that Columbian drinkers have grown accustomed to.  These beans, produce a sweet tasting cup with a rich flavor, full body and a dark cocoa aroma. A staple of the dark coffee drinking crowd, try these as a fresh roasted single-origin!  Roasted Full City +++

When will my coffee be roasted, shipped or ready for Pickup?  Orders placed by Friday 5:00pm CST will be roasted the following Monday and shipped by end of business Wednesday or set aside for Shop Pickup or delivery.  Orders placed after this time will be roasted the following week.  Click HERE to access our ROAST SCHEDULE page.

When are we available for Shop Pickup or delivery?  Check out our open hours, click HERE to access our SHOP PICKUP page.  Click HERE to enquire about delivery to Spirit Lake, IA.