If the added caffeine isn't your thing...this coffee will be!  Fresh roasted decaf is exceptional and holds its own against its high octane counterpart.  Caffeinated or not, Colombian coffee is a rich, moderate acidic deep-bodied coffee packed with all of its original feel free to have another cup!  Our 100% Colombian Huila dark roasted decaf. beans are rich in flavor and aroma.  A favorite of the unleaded coffee drinking crowd, try these beans as a fresh roasted single-origin decaf. and sleep like a baby!  

Dark Roasted.

Our Colombian Huila decaf utilizes a non-chemical process, which happens in-country in Colombia before the coffee goes to export. This process works by soaking green coffee in a bath of purified water and a natural solvent called ethyl acetate, which is naturally derived from fermented sugar, among other natural sources. The solvent bonds to the salts of chlorogenic acid within the coffee, which allows for the extraction of caffeine. The coffee is removed from its bath and steamed at low pressure to ensure no traces of the decaffeination process exists in the final cup. 

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