Columbian Half-Caf


Columbian Half-Caffeinated (Half-Caf) coffee is an equal blend of fully caffeinated and decaffeinated 100% Columbian Excelso coffee.  Just like it's high octane cousin, it comes packed with that expected boldness and body and the goodness of fresh-roasted SOJO coffee!  Even with a little less caffeine, Colombian coffee is a rich, moderate acid, medium bodied feel free to have another cup!

This coffee is partially decaffeinated using the traditional methylene chloride process.

When will my coffee be roasted, shipped or ready for Pickup?  Orders placed by Friday 5:00pm CST will be roasted the following Monday and shipped by end of business Wednesday or set aside for Shop Pickup or delivery.  Orders placed after this time will be roasted the following week.  Click HERE to access our ROAST SCHEDULE page.

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