Tanzania Peaberry


SOJO Coffee is proud to offer a very unique specialty coffee, Tanzanian Peaberry!  

Coffee Notes:

"Savory, tangy and semi-sweet with citric acidity and a heavy mouthfeel; rich chocolatey aromatics and grapefruit flavors."

Roast Level: 



Peaberries are a kind of coffee seed that forms individually inside a cherry, as opposed to when the fruit typically develops two "flat" beans, which are larger and sit together like peanuts in a shell. The smaller, denser peaberries are thought to have a higher potency of flavor.  They are individualists, the lone bean of the coffee world. As a result of their independence, many coffee connoisseurs have suggested that each peaberry is infused with all the assets normally reserved for two beans. In our humble opinion, these beans are most certainly unique in their character, aroma and developed flavors.

SOJO has worked hard developing and preparing the perfect roast for your enjoyment, we are certain this is one you will add to your list of favorites!  This is a limited special offering, order yours while our supply lasts!

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