A SOJO Custom Roast so Deep, so says it on the label!  Gopher Hill is blended for full flavor and a smooth sweet finish, this coffee stands out as one of SOJO's best!  Never overdone, this semi-dark roast is dropped from our roaster well before the heat of roasting can break down the natural sugars that cause other dark roasts to take on a tart or sometime bitter character.  You won't find either with this coffee!  Full bodied floral notes and buttery rich in the cup with intoxicating aromatics, Gopher Hill is perfectly balanced for a truly unique experience in coffee.  Searching for your new favorite?  Here it is.....  

When will my coffee be roasted, shipped or ready for Pickup?  Orders placed by Friday 5:00pm CST will be roasted the following week and shipped by end of business Thursday or set aside for Shop Pickup or delivery.  Orders placed after this time will be roasted the following week.  Click HERE to access our ROAST SCHEDULE page.

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